Our Team


Our Team

Our team of four urologists have a deep well of knowledge and experience in kidney stone care gained from years of practice as well as specific fellowships in urolithiasis. They have pioneered—and then trained others—in minimally invasive stone techniques used worldwide today. Taken together, the kidney stone team has over 70 years of experience in using the latest in surgical and medical advances to treat and prevent kidney stones.

The latest technology, in the hands of world-renowned kidney stone experts, means our patients can expect exceptional care.

Weight Management

UC Irvine’s weight management specialist help patients to build healthier routines. The all-inclusive plans provide support and education to help you create and keep positive lifestyle habits.

Rankell, RDN CDE
Director of UCI Weight Management Program
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Educators
Ullrich, MS RDN
Masters in Nutrition, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Rubenstein, RDN
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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I highly recommend Dr. Roshan Patel and the UCI Urology/Kidney Stone Center. I had two separate kidney stone surgeries on each side in 2023 performed by Dr. Patel. He did a wonderful job explaining in easy to understand detail what happens during these complicated surgeries along with a wonderful bedside manner, good sense of humor, and willingness to answer my endless number of questions patiently. Now, thanks to Dr. Patel, I no longer have lower back pain which I suffered from over a decade. Could not be more pleased with the care, professionalism, and kidney stone knowledge and expertise I received from Dr. Patel and his team.
I highly recommend the UCI Urology Kidney Stone Center for their top notch facilities. Moreover, I'm extremely grateful to have access to such highly skilled doctors, nurses, & staff. Many thanks again for all your help! A+++++
Dr. Patel spent time discussing various aspects of the procedure to remove several stones in my bladder which were 9mm in size. The procedure was successful.
They most knowledgeable group of physicians anywhere, with the most up to date knowledge, equipment and therapies. I have suffered from stone disease for over 20 years. Without their help, I am sure that I would have had multiple incidents of painful stone passage. With their help I haven't had an adverse stone experience in 10 years.
Dr. Clayman and his medical team are exceptional, in every way. Truly, I feel blessed to be in his care. Over the years, he and the staff, working along side of him, have helped me in so many ways --not the least of which was surgically removing an exceptionally large and painful kidney stone. Dr. Clayman is a "top Doctor," and a huge asset to UCI Medical Center.
My mother had a history of repeated bladder infections that were determined to be caused by kidney stones. Dr Clayman was very proactive in diagnosing this difficult ailment, and subsequently performing 2 complicated surgeries to remove them. He followed her closely, and even took an at-home emergency call when her lungs developed complications afterward, calling the hospital ahead of our arrival to alert the team of her case. He has taken every step necessary and beyond to care for her, followed her closely now for 2 years post op with her most recent clear CT scans. She is now fully recovered and doing exceedingly well without any new stones. She will not need any follow up for 2 years, which is a major success. I can’t thank Dr. Clayman enough for his expertise with her case, his professional and warm manner, and for caring about her welfare.
Dr. Clayman and his Kidney Stone Center is impressive; everything works like clockwork. The key to this successful organization is Dr. Ralph Clayman; he is known as one of the best urologists in the country technically and in patient care. In addition, he is a great mentor and this I've experienced personally. I thank God everyday for him.
This is a very nice place, everyone was very professional and very kind.
You will not receive better care than UCI medical center. The doctors (Clayman), staff and residents are the best at what they do!
The medical staff at UCI medical center were all professional and very helpful and caring in my full recovery. Everyone is awesome. Thanks UCI Medical Center
Dr Clayman gave me detailed explanation on my symptoms and treatment plans and my questions have been answered. Thank you!
They don’t allow new patients to get help through telemedicine. Hello is 2021 in a pandemic
Dr. Patel is a professional and compassionate physician. I highly recommend him.I sought out Dr. Patel for his expertise in kidney stones. After several studies, it revealed my right kidney was very enlarged, scarred with multiple stones of various sizes and functioning at a low percentage. Dr. Patel explained the seriousness of my condition and thoroughly evaluated my options. We formulated a plan for best long term results. Dr. Patel successfully removed my kidney laparoscopically. As well as being an exceptional surgeon, he had great bedside manners. After surgery, Dr. Patel was very proactive in connecting me with the best nephrology team to ensure my other kidney remains healthy.Thank you for what you do, Dr. Patel.
Fantastic service. Dr. Patel was wonderful. He was caring and gentle and was a pleasure to work with under the most difficult circumstance (kidney stones)- he always made eye contact with me and held my hand (almost literally) throughout the process- The staff were equally caring. You seem to train your employees very well......because in reality is...... No one cares what you know, until they know that you care!!! You guys did and I am grateful!!!!
UCI Kidney Stone center is a joy to work with. Christina was extremely helpful and provided me with abundant information allowing me to make the best educated choice possible. Highly recommend!!!